Steve Bland

"California, far from me, across the desert to the sea.  A million miles away to somewhere I don't know.  Lift my feet from where I stand.  Down the street to foreign land, anywhere you lead me, I will go." 

These words so accurately describe the emotions that Steve and Karen Bland were experiencing in the summer of 1999 as they felt the call to full-time ministry in the "foreign land" of California.  They answered the call in October of 2001 and joined the staff of La Palma Christian Center as Associate/Music Pastor.  In October of 2005, Steve became the Senior Pastor of LPCC. 

If you talk to Pastor Steve and Karen today, they will assure you that when you listen to the voice of God and move out in faith to somewhere "a million miles away from what you know," God will meet you there.  Pastor Steve and Karen and their three children, Eliot, Butler, and Harris (aka Daisy) love LPCC and call California home.

Karen 3

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